Solar Design and Natural Building for Sustainable Communities

Date: Coming Soon

Since the first day that humans started constructing shelters, solar design has been at the core of human community.  Sustainability is not possible without the understanding and implementaion of solar design principles.  Woodbine Ecology Center is pleased to collaborate with Crestone Solar School (CSS) to offer a solar workshop program in active and passive solar heating design, alternative natural building, photovoltaics (solar electric) basics and renewable energy applications. Based on CSS's acclaimed workshop, this residential 4-day certificate program will combine both hands-on and theoretical study. Learn a wide variety of natural building techniques and solar heating options for sustainable home and community design. This program can prepare you for designing and building your own solar home, a professional career in the fast-growing field of renewable energy and general preparation for sustainable living.

Instructors: Paul Shippee

Meals: yes

Lodging: yes, camping (must provide own equipment). Some cabin space is available on a first come, first serve basis (must provide own pillows and sheets or sleeping bag)


Scholarships and Worktrade: Limited scholarships and worktrade opportunities available.

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