Edible Forest Gardens with Renowned Expert Eric Toensmeier

Fri, 06/01/2012 - 6:00pm - Thu, 06/07/2012 - 4:00pm

An Intensive Design Course for all skill levels

Weekend-only option available. 6/1/2012-6/3/2012 (Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday).

About Edible Forest Gardens: Edible forest gardens mimic natural ecosystems while producing delicious, healthy food and other products, with an emphasis on low-maintenance perennial crops. These gardens can help:

*provide fertility                 *provide food, medicine, & beauty

*control weeds & pests     * preserve native species

* provide critical ecosystem functions

edible forest gardens

This 6-day residential course emphasizes the design process, & hands-on design experience. Participants will learn about the principles of permaculture, the art and science of habitat mimicry, polyculture assembly, & plant a demonstration forest garden.

A special focus will be eco-cultural restoration of indigenous management of native plants and landscapes. Course materials include a "palette" of useful species for the Front Range & Western Slope, with many underutilized useful native plants. Advanced Permaculture Design Certificate available.


The workshop will start Friday evening (introductions & orientation).

Those attending the first two days only will receive a thorough grounding into the principles of edible forest gardens with a particular emphasis on home-scale and urban environments. Those who stay for the entire 6-day course will get more hands-on experience, a broader coverage of diverse and larger-scale systems, and engage in intensive design process.

Read more about our plans with Edible Forest Gardens at Woodbine

Instructors: Eric Toensmeier, Pavlos Stavropoulos, Jim Gibson, Mary O'Brien, and guests

Meals: Saturday breakfast till Thursday lunch.

Lodging: Includes choice of rustic dormitory-style lodge rooms (shared) or camping (bring your own equipment). Space in our rooms is available on a first come, first serve basis.  Bring your own bedding (pillow, blanket or sleeping bag, and towel). (Sheets are provided.)

Clothing: Woodbine Ecology Center is at 7,000 ft (2,150 meters). The weather is always variable so consider dressing in layers and bringing weather-appropriate gear (rain jacket, sun hat, sunscreen).  Many of our programs take place outdoors regardless of weather, so be prepared.  Avoid products with fragrances unless you are inclined to be pollinated by the bees and wasps.

Supplies: Instructionals materials are included.  Bring materials for any additional note taking.

Cost: 6 day course $775.

Registration information can be found on our registration page.

Scholarships and Worktrade: Limited scholarships and worktrade opportunities available.

Weekend only option

Dates: Fri, 6/1/12 - 6 pm - Sun, 6/3/12 - 5:30pm

Instructor: Eric Toensmeier

Meals: Saturday breakfast - Sunday lunch

Lodging: See the Intensive course.

Cost: 2 day option, $325.

Registration information can be found on our registration page.


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